Dominican Republic


The best balance of luxury, climate, affordability & community.


It’s about first world services mixed with stunning natural beauty.



Journey 90 miles southeast of Florida and you’ll find yourself in an island paradise with average temperatures of 84°F, no hurricanes, and stunning tropical scenery.

Modern cities mix with charming small towns, all banded together with ever present Merengue music, beaches, incredible food and an effervescent love of life.

The  DR has long been a haven for expats who want first world services and lifestyle along with a relaxed, Caribbean vibe.  Overall, you’ll find prices are lower, quality of life higher, friendships stronger and services similar to North America.  You don’t even need to know Spanish! English is spoken at most restaurants and service centers.

The DR government is very foreign investor friendly with low taxes and simple residency process.


Puerto PLata Square
Flamoyant tree on DR road

The best balance of services, lifestyle & investment


The north coast of the DR has average temperatures of 28 Celsius or 82 Fahrenheit all year long.  No hurricanes and endless summer!

Lower Cost of Living

The DR is affordable. From grocery stores to restaurants, you’ll notice your monthly costs decreasing by a lot.  A much more affordable way of life.

First World Services

Real life needs fast Internet, consistent utilities, good service at restaurants and shopping, and excellent medical/dental services.  The DR offers all the infrastructure you’re used to.

Sound Investment

Real estate prices have remained consistently in growth for over 20-years.  Investors know the DR is a good and secure place to put their money.  

Stable, Smart Government

The government of the DR is foreign investor friendly and invests strategically in tourism and expat development.  

Active Expat Community

North Americans and other world travellers have made the DR home for 40-years.  This means there are lots of friends just waiting for you in this friendly community.

The North Coast

Life is better up our way!

The North Coast is arguably the prettiest part of the island with lush mountains sloping into a crystal clear ocean.  Such a diverse landscape means there are virtually unlimited activities, from scuba/snorkelling to fishing.  Hikers and walkers love the tropical trails – and there aren’t even any predator animals!

Like to golf? Surf or paddle board? How about tennis or horseback riding? Maybe you’d just like to be part of a book club or enjoy dinner on the beach? It’s all here waiting for you.,

Puerto Plata international airport is just 20-minutes away, excellent grocery stores abound, a modern hospital is in our backyard and you’ll never get tired of the variety of restaurants.

Locally grown produce and meats offer better priced alternatives to North America. Freshness is the name of game. Watch your health improve and your satisfaction with life go up.

Towns Along the North Coast


Enjoy a leisurely walk around town, shop, snorkel, take a dive, go fish, head out on a catamaran. Soak up the sun! Sosua has it all!

Expat centred Sosua offers one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with powdery sand and crystal clear blue water. There are also incredible, clear rivers perfect for swimming and relaxing.
Sosua also offers big box grocery shopping, a modern hospital and a huge variety of restaurants.

The history of this seaside town is very unique. In the early 1940’s many Jewish settlers arrived here to escape the persecution of war. There is a small Jewish museum detailing the history of the refugees.

Population: 49,593 (2010)


 Is a cosmopolitan beach village with a bohemian flare. Its coral reef protected bay is dotted with diverse restaurants, as well as quaint shops; water sports abound.

Many local events are held along the beach, and nighttime is especially pretty as restaurants light up the night and bring tables onto the sand for starlight dining.

Cabarete is well known as a kite and windsurfing capital. This little town has grown up to be an active community with modern services, shopping, medical facilities, and community events.

Other activities include stand up paddle boarding, enjoying lunch or dinner at great restaurants, exploring the local caves or protected lagoon, taking a tour or excursion, or simply relaxing on the beautiful beach.

Population: 14,600 (2010)

Puerto Plata

Founded in the early 1500’s, Puerto Plata was designed by Christopher Columbus and his brother, Bartolome.

Named for the silvery hues of its natural harbor, the city is surrounded by mountains. Visitors can enjoy the only aerial tramway in the Caribbean and ride to the top of Pico Isabel de Torres, a 793 metre high mountain. The top features a botanical garden.

Another must stop is the Fortaleza San Felipe, a historic Spanish fortress used to protect the city from pirates in the mid 1500’s. Today it is used as a museum.

Population: 118,496 (2010)

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